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Poland is a country that attracts attention with its historical cities, natural beauties and rich culture. Some important details that those who want to visit Poland should know:

1. Poland Tourist Visa and Types A Schengen visa is required for tourist visits to Poland. This visa is valid in Poland as well as in other Schengen countries. It can be requested for a tourist visit, holiday, family visit or cultural events. 2. Application Documents and Process The application process for Poland tourist visa is detailed. Documents such as passport, travel health insurance, travel plan, financial documents and accommodation reservations must be accurate and complete. 3. Preparation Phase and Recommendations Before applying for a visa, it is important that your travel dates are compatible, your accommodation arrangements are secure and the places to visit are determined. 4. Attraction Centres of Poland Poland is famous for the historic character of Warsaw, the old town atmosphere of Krakow and the mountain landscapes of Zakopane. The cultural and historical richness of the country offers visitors a unique experience. 5. Professional Help and Counselling Getting professional help with the visa application process can help you follow the right steps and prepare the necessary documents. Experts can offer guidance on the application process.

Poland Visa Application

The first thing those who want to go to Poland should do is to apply for a visa. The type of visa for which this application will be made and where it will be made varies according to the purpose of the visit to Poland. However, it is mandatory to make an appointment for all Polish visa applications. After making an appointment, it is necessary to fill out the application form and prepare the requested documents. These documents are submitted on the appointment day and the application process is completed.

Poland Visa Types

There are various types of visas for those going to Poland. Among these visa types, the one suitable for the needs should be preferred and an application should be made to it. If you are going to Poland for touristic purposes, the Polish visa you need to obtain is the Schengen C visa type. Poland is located in the Schengen area and when you get this visa, you can stay in the Schengen area for a maximum of 90 days in 180 days. Poland visa types are briefly explained below:

Poland Education and Research Visa: It is a type D National visa type that must be applied for after receiving acceptance from the higher education institution in order to be a student in Poland.

Poland Transit Visa: If travelling to another country with a transit through Poland, a Poland transit visa is required. It is a temporary type A Schengen visa and is valid in the transit sections of airports.

Poland Chauffeur Visa: Drivers transporting international cargo to Poland using vehicles registered in Turkey must obtain a Polish driver visa. To obtain this visa, you need to apply for the Polo

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