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Malta is famous for its historical richness, marvellous islands and Mediterranean lifestyle. Here are some important details that those who want to visit Malta should know:

1. Malta Tourist Visa and Types A Schengen visa is required for tourist visits to Malta. This visa is valid in Malta as well as in other Schengen countries. It can be requested for holidays, cultural events or family visits. 2. Application Documents and Process The application process for Malta tourist visa is detailed. Documents such as passport, travel health insurance, travel plan, financial documents and accommodation reservations must be accurate and complete. 3. Preparation Phase and Recommendations Before applying for a visa, it is important that your travel dates are compatible, your accommodation arrangements are secure and the places to visit are determined. 4. Malta’s Attraction Centres Malta is famous for the historical buildings of Valletta, the beaches of its islands and its ancient riches. The unique landscapes and historical richness of the islands offer visitors an unforgettable experience. 5. Professional Help and Counselling Getting professional help with the visa application process can help you follow the right steps and prepare the necessary documents. Experts can offer guidance on the application process.


If you have decided to travel to Malta, you may need to submit the following documents during the visa process:

Visa application form

A valid passport valid for at least 3 months after the expiry of the visa and with at least 2 blank pages

Photocopy of passport

2 passport size photographs

Photocopy of identity card

Confirmation of hotel reservation or notarised invitation letter if you are not staying at the hotel


Travel health insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros, covering emergency expenses in Schengen member states and valid for the duration of your stay in the country

If you are going to study at a language school, an original letter of acceptance from the Maltese Education Organisation showing the details and duration of the courses, with the seal of the organisation and the signature of the school director

Receipt of visa application fee

Proof of sufficient and regular personal financial income (bank statements or statement of available credit on credit card, letter from the host organisation accepting the applicant’s full financial guarantee for the duration of the stay).

In case the applicant does not have any means of subsistence, a notarised letter from parents or close relatives confirming that they will pay for their expenses in Malta, except for school and accommodation costs, using the format prescribed by the Consulate General of Malta. Proof of the parents’ financial status (employment certificates/bank accounts, etc.).

For minors (under 18 years of age): Informal

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