100% Guaranteed Lithuanian Residence Card

You do not need to convert your work permit into a residence card by working for months!


Lithuania provides you with a direct 2-year residence card. Moreover, it is valid in all schengen countries.


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A Lithuanian residence card entitles you to long-term residence in the country. This allows you to benefit from the health, education and work opportunities the country offers. It also allows you to travel to the Schengen area.

Lithuania is an attractive country not only for its residence card but also for its nature, culture and economy. One of the hidden treasures of Europe, this country attracts attention with its quality of life and business opportunities.

Lithuania not only offers residence card opportunities, but also impresses with its nature, cultural richness and economic stability. Located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, this country offers a unique charm with its historical buildings, natural beauties and modern cities.

Getting professional counselling during the residence card application process can make the process more organised and faster. Experts can facilitate this process by explaining the necessary steps, documents and application process step by step.

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